Corporate Kickboxing

Do you work at desk all day? Feel like you’ve put on weight since you started working your office job? Want to get out of the office during your lunchtimes and work up a sweat?

Why not take up Corporate Kickboxing?

Corporate Kickboxing is designed for professionals who want to take up Kickboxing in a safe and fun environment, at or close to their workplace. We understand how busy you can get, so our 45 min lunchtime classes are perfect for those who are short on time.

Paul Huynh of AXA Australia found the Corporate Kickboxing “Kickboxing Basics Beginner Course” well structured and heaps of fun. Here’s what Paul had so say about his experience:

“The most enjoyable part of the training was the stress relief you get from it!! The combos we practiced were awesome, especially the longer ones that incorporated a range of punches and kicks. It was a good work out and you come back to the office feeling really refreshed.”

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